Pathlight HOME, an organization based in Orlando, has been tirelessly working for the past thirty years to provide shelter to the unhoused people of the city. Over the years, the organization has expanded its operations; now, it has successfully managed to serve over 7,000 people, provided them with employment opportunities, and, most importantly, changed many lives.

Multifaceted Approach to Housing

The organization’s multifaceted approach towards housing has helped many individuals and families struggling with homelessness find permanent homes. Pathlight HOME focuses on providing permanent supportive housing and case management services to address the root causes of homelessness instead of perpetuating the cycle of temporary shelters, which fail to offer a stable foundation to rebuild lives.

Veteran’s Village Program

What makes Pathlight HOME stand out is its Veteran’s Village program that provides supportive housing to military veterans who were homeless. This initiative not only offered veterans a roof over their heads but also helped them reintegrate into civilian life by providing them with services they need, such as job training services and community gardening. The community garden initiative has been instrumental in providing veterans with fresh produce to help fulfill their dietary needs.

Employment Program

Pathlight HOME provides more than just shelter, housing and employs a skilled case management team that helps residents access medical or psychological services and job training. With the help of their case managers, more than 90% of Pathlight HOME residents have maintained their housing, and some have even enrolled in schools to further their education.

As part of their mission to provide housing, Pathlight HOME also offers an employment program that supports residents in finding employment opportunities by providing job training, interview preparation services, and resume coaching. The organization regards employment as a critical aspect of self-worth and dignity, thus provides much-needed support to help residents find and maintain employment that will ultimately help them rebuild their lives.

Sister Ann Kendrick’s Vision

Pathlight HOME was founded in 1991 by Sister Ann Kendrick, who had a vision that housing is a right that everyone should have. The organization has welcomed many generous volunteers and donors over the years who have tirelessly helped the organization fulfill its mission of providing affordable housing and services to those in need. The organization proudly celebrates its 30th anniversary and seeks to continue providing support to those in need.


For those interested in supporting Pathlight HOME’s mission of uplifting and housing the unhoused neighbors of Orlando, donations can be made through its website to help provide a stable foundation to rebuild the lives of those in need. Contributing to such a noble cause can help make a lasting impact on the lives of Orlando’s unhoused neighbors; every donation counts towards making a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

Pathlight HOME has received numerous awards over the years for its innovative approach to fighting homelessness, including the prestigious HUD Secretary’s Award for Public-Philanthropic Partnerships. However, the organization’s greatest achievement is the impact it has made on the lives of thousands of people in the Orlando area. By providing affordable housing, supportive services, and job training, Pathlight HOME has helped residents build a solid foundation for a better future.


Pathlight HOME’s multifaceted approach to addressing homelessness has made a significant difference in the lives of thousands of people in Orlando. The organization’s focus on permanent supportive housing, case management, and job training has helped individuals and families rebuild their lives and achieve self-sufficiency. The Veterans Village program is just one example of the organization’s innovative initiatives that have helped many military veterans get back on their feet. Pathlight HOME’s commitment to providing affordable housing and supportive services to those in need is commendable, and the organization serves as a model for other communities to follow in their efforts to combat homelessness.