The Tragic Story That Led to the Foundation

Lisa Cohen’s daughter Kyah died two years ago from a fatal anaphylactic reaction to peanut sauce. Kyah had a severe peanut allergy, and her unexpected reaction caused her to go into anaphylaxis, which ultimately resulted in her death. Devastated by her loss, Lisa Cohen founded the Kyah Rayne Foundation in honor of her daughter. The Foundation’s mission is to advance food allergy education and epinephrine access in all public entities to save lives.

Advancing Food Allergy Education and Epinephrine Access

Through the Kyah Rayne Foundation, Lisa Cohen aims to raise awareness about food allergies and anaphylaxis, as well as promote the use of epinephrine auto-injectors. She stresses the importance of emergency care right away and the need for a shot of epinephrine during an anaphylactic reaction. The Foundation’s goal is to make affordable auto-injectors available in more public places, and to ensure that more people are trained and empowered to use them to save lives.

Free Online Food Allergy Certification and EAI Access Training

To achieve this goal, the Kyah Rayne Foundation offers free online food allergy certification and EAI access training through Casey’s Epi Course. The course is designed to help individuals and organizations become better equipped to handle food allergy emergencies and to promote epinephrine access.

Working with Legislators to Increase Epinephrine Availability

The Foundation is also working with legislators to increase epinephrine availability everywhere and to lower the cost of epinephrine. The Foundation has been successful in working with schools to create and enact allergy policies and procedures that include allergy management plans and staff training. The Foundation is also involved in initiatives that provide epinephrine access in public places like airports, restaurants, and sports arenas.

Fighting Stigma and Raising Awareness

Additionally, the Foundation aims to fight the stigma that often affects people with food allergies and to raise awareness about the reality and severity of food allergies. Food allergies are often misunderstood, and people with allergies may feel isolated and discriminated against. The Foundation hopes to change this by educating people about food allergies and anaphylaxis and promoting a culture of inclusion and empathy.

Making a Difference Through Action

Lisa Cohen hopes that through her Foundation’s efforts, no other family will have to suffer the loss that hers did. She urges everyone to get involved and support the Foundation’s mission by visiting their website and taking action to promote food allergy education and epinephrine access. Lisa believes that everyone can make a difference, and that a few minutes of action can mean the difference between life and death for someone with a food allergy. The Kyah Rayne Foundation serves as a tribute to Kyah and a testament to Lisa’s commitment to making the world a safer place for people with food allergies.