Background on Brilliant Detroit and its mission

Brilliant Detroit is a non-profit organization based in Detroit, Michigan. The organization’s main objective is to provide children and families access to evidence-based programs and activities that are crucial for improving overall school readiness and success. The organization has set up 14 community-based hubs, which they use to deliver early childhood literacy, health, and family resources to families and children from birth up till the age of 8.

The organization’s ultimate goal is to establish world-class early childhood centers in every neighborhood in Detroit. Brilliant Detroit is committed to ensuring that education and other resources that promote success are available to every child, regardless of their zip code. The organization believes that by working with, for and by families and neighbors, the community can grow to ensure that every child succeeds.

Unique approach to child success

Brilliant Detroit believes that the key to ensuring children’s success in school and life starts from building a strong foundation from birth. Migdalia Price, a staff member at Brilliant Detroit, spoke on the importance of love and learning in the organization’s kid success model. The organization believes in the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child,’ emphasizing the role of the community and building a community that fosters growth and development.

The Brilliant Detroit team consists of experts in early childhood education and family support, who work tirelessly to ensure that children have all the necessary resources needed to succeed. Kid Success is not just about ensuring children have a bright future; its main aim is to provide a strong foundation that supports them throughout their lives. The organization’s unique approach to support starts with physical health, nutrition, and mental health.

Tailored educational programs to suit individual needs

Brilliant Detroit’s approach to educational programming is tailored to suit individual children’s needs. The programs range from literacy to STEM to the arts, to develop children’s overall mental capacity. They are designed to stimulate children’s interest in learning and promote lifelong learning.

Parent involvement in child success

Parents are vital partners in their child’s success, and Brilliant Detroit recognizes this fact. The organization encourages parents to participate in programs and services, and also welcomes them as trained teachers’ assistants and advocates for their child’s education. The organization invests in family support, recognizing that children need a solid foundation of love, safety, and security to succeed.

Recognition and expansion

Brilliant Detroit’s work has earned them several accolades. Crain’s Detroit Business awarded them the 2019 Notable Non-profit Award, in recognition of their efforts towards ensuring child success in Detroit. The organization has been able to reach thousands of families and children, and they continue to expand their services. They recognize the importance of their work in building a brighter future for Detroit’s children, regardless of their zip code.


Brilliant Detroit’s approach to Kid Success is innovative and necessary. By focusing on the whole family and community, the organization is creating a foundation of support that will ensure children’s success from birth through adulthood. Their tailored, holistic approach to support, combined with the involvement of parents, ensures that every child has access to the resources and support needed to realize their full potential. Through their work, Brilliant Detroit is helping to create a brighter future for Detroit’s children.

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