BUILD: Saving Lives and Providing Hope in Chicago’s Most Challenged Neighborhoods

Since 1969, BUILD, Broader Urban Involvement & Leadership Development, has been a nationally respected gang intervention, violence prevention, and youth development organization based on Chicago’s West Side. The organization’s mission is to inspire hope and offer opportunities so youth facing systemic obstacles can achieve positive futures.

BUILD’s Services

BUILD provides services that reach over 2,500 youth a year. The organization helps young people build hope, resilience, and a path to a promising future. They offer afterschool programs, mentoring, job training, and other services to help youth succeed. Their Crisis Response Unit is a team of trained responders who support individuals and families impacted by violence in the community.

Crisis Response Unit

Violence affects more than just the immediate victims. BUILD’s Crisis Response Unit understands this fact and provides a range of services to support those who have been affected by a violent incident. These services include grief counseling, trauma therapy, and support groups. The Crisis Response Unit is available 24/7 and responds quickly to incidents of violence in the community.

Trained Professionals

The Crisis Response Unit is made up of trained professionals who are equipped to provide immediate support and resources to those in need. They work closely with local law enforcement and other community organizations to ensure that individuals and families receive the care and support they need. The team provides emotional and practical support to those facing some of the toughest challenges.

Transforming Lives

BUILD’s Crisis Response Unit is just one of the many programs that the organization offers. BUILD is committed to transforming the lives of young people in Chicago’s most challenging neighborhoods. Over the past 50 years, the organization has made a significant impact in saving lives and reducing violence in these areas.


BUILD’s work has been nationally recognized, and the organization has become a model for gang intervention, violence prevention, and youth development. Their work is essential in creating resilient communities and offering hope to young people who face systemic obstacles. With programs like the Crisis Response Unit in place, BUILD is providing much-needed support to individuals and families impacted by violence in the community.

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