Career Academy of the Palm Beaches (CAPB) is a public charter school that provides education to students with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are between 16-21 years old. The institution’s primary goal is to equip its students with the necessary tools to become self-sufficient, independent, and productive members of society. CAPB provides students with a range of educational courses that help them attain their goals.

Dylan’s Story

Dylan is one of the students at CAPB, and he joined the school in August 2022. Since then, he has been instrumental in assisting with day-to-day kitchen activities and meal preparation. At CAPB, Dylan works with the resident chef to help with meal orders and delivery. Dylan has also demonstrated great improvement in self-advocacy and completing multi-step tasks.

Educational Support

To further improve his skillset, Dylan makes use of the educational support offered by CAPB once a week. This program helps Dylan strengthen his functional math and reading skills, which are essential in the kitchen and other areas of life. Dylan is passionate about working with animals, travelling, and kickboxing. His dream is to one day become a chef.

CAPB’s Chartered Status

CAPB is chartered by the School District of Palm Beach County and managed by Gulfstream Goodwill Industries (GGI). The school has an open admission policy that welcomes all eligible students, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds. CAPB is a testament to what can be achieved when institutions prioritize inclusivity and provide equal opportunities for everyone.

Inclusive Learning Environment

CAPB believes that education is a fundamental right and provides all students with the opportunity to pursue an education. The institution creates a safe and nurturing learning environment where all students are offered the support and tools they need to achieve their goals. Through their programs and services, CAPB empowers students with the skills and knowledge they require to become productive and independent adults.


Dylan’s story is an affirmation of CAPB’s core mission to help students with intellectual and developmental disabilities attain a brighter future. The institution provides these students with essential skills and knowledge, and the experience that Dylan is getting in the institution is providing him with an excellent foundation for achieving his dream. CAPB is dedicated to providing its students with equal opportunities and paving the way for their future success.

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