For 30 years, The Training Source, Inc. has been on a mission to develop people, not just jobs, by providing services and training to individuals in Greater Washington, DC, who are negatively affected by systemic barriers that lead to employment, housing, and education inequality, domestic violence, and other challenges.

Comprehensive Services Beyond Traditional Job Placement

The nonprofit organization offers comprehensive services that go beyond traditional job placement. Through partnerships with other organizations, The Training Source creates a comprehensive network of support that benefits not only the individual seeking employment but also their entire family. The organization’s training center provides access to 24/7 public WiFi, technology, professional clothing, food, housing resources, access to social services, referrals, and other assistance that helps improve the lives of individuals, families, and entire communities.

Training Programs to Acquire Needed Skills

The Training Source offers a variety of training programs to assist job seekers in acquiring the necessary skills needed to be successful in the workforce. The training programs include courses such as digital literacy training, customer service, and hospitality training, preparing individuals for various entry-level positions. The organization’s approach empowers individuals to continue advancing their careers and achieving economic stability.

Partnerships with Businesses to Meet Workforce Needs

The Training Source recognizes the importance of building strategic partnerships to achieve its goals. The organization has established partnerships with businesses in Washington, DC, to help them find the right talent and meet their workforce needs. The Training Source offers businesses its services to provide employee training, create inclusive workplaces, and develop workforce diversity programs.

Breaking Down Systemic Barriers

The Training Source plays a vital role in breaking down systemic barriers that prevent individuals from achieving economic stability. By providing comprehensive support services and job training, the organization has helped thousands of Washington, DC, residents improve their lives and continue to grow their careers. The Training Source is committed to addressing systemic issues that lead to employment and housing inequality, domestic violence, and other challenges, and its efforts have created a positive impact on individuals, families, and entire communities.


For three decades, The Training Source’s commitment to empowering individuals to develop their careers has transformed the lives of many in Greater Washington, DC. Its comprehensive approach to job training combined with various support services has allowed individuals to overcome systemic barriers and further advance their careers, improving their lives and the lives of their families. The Training Source’s efforts are a true testament to the power of building strategic partnerships, providing critical support services, and empowering individuals to break the cycle of systemic barriers.

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