Nurturing Minds is a non-profit organization based in the United States whose mission is to provide quality education, life skills, and entrepreneurship training to girls in Tanzania. The organization achieves this by partnering with SEGA, a non-profit organization based in Tanzania that operates three programs aimed at empowering girls and women.

The SEGA Girls’ Secondary School is a private boarding school that serves 280 girls annually from Form I to Form IV. The students are selected from 25 different communities across Tanzania, and the majority receive full scholarships, providing them with access to quality education that they would otherwise be unable to afford. The school follows the Tanzanian national curriculum and is ranked in the top 7% of schools in the country.

In addition to the academic program, SEGA provides students with practical, relevant skills through hands-on activities. The Entrepreneurship Program allows students to learn business planning and management skills by running their own on-campus business, such as a shop, and participating in school profit-making units such as tourism, hospitality, poultry, and honey production. The Education for Life Program helps students develop self-awareness, communication, and leadership skills through individual counseling, classroom-based learning in sexual reproductive health, and community outreach activities. Career counseling is a key component of this program, helping students transition from secondary school to continued education, employment, or self-employment through business.

The Environmental Stewardship Program teaches students organic gardening skills to ensure future food security, as well as to sustain the students. The program meets 42% of the school’s produce needs, and the school is run completely on solar power, with a rainwater catchment system. The school’s clubs, such as the Anti-elephant Ivory Club, educate students on conservation. The SEGA Girls’ School is an Ashoka Changemaker School, recognizing the quality of its programs and positive outcomes for its students.

SEGA also operates a Continuing Education Scholarship Program that supports nearly 200 SEGA Girls’ School graduates annually enrolled in higher education institutions. The program provides scholarships to all graduates who qualify, enabling them to earn certificates and diplomas in teaching, nursing, business, non-profit management, as well as A-Levels, which lead to university. Students can also receive scholarships to pursue vocational training, internships, and short-term courses that prepare them for the workforce.

In 2016, SEGA started the Msichana wa Kisasa (Modern Girl, “MK”) Community Outreach Program, which provides SEGA School graduates and graduates of the one-year MK Program itself with mentorship training so that they can teach girls and young women across Tanzania about their sexual reproductive health and rights. The program aims to help these girls and young women avoid sexual exploitation, teen pregnancy, and early marriage while empowering them with knowledge of financial literacy and practical skills to help them achieve self-sufficiency.

The program also includes an Empowered Girls Network that provides ongoing support, networking opportunities, and education to 300 MK graduates. Girls in the program learn skills-based training in profit-generating activities closely aligned with the goals of the program. The ability to generate income through safe activities allows girls to avoid sexual exploitation and leave oppressive situations more easily. Girls share the knowledge they gain with parents, siblings, and neighbors, spreading positive messaging about the rights and capabilities of women and girls into their communities.

Nurturing Minds’ partnership with SEGA has transformed the lives of many girls in Tanzania, empowering them with education, skills, and the confidence to achieve their goals. The organization’s holistic approach to education and empowerment is creating a brighter future for girls in Tanzania and contributing to significant systemic change in Tanzanian communities. Girls who have graduated from SEGA are becoming leaders in their communities, helping to promote education and women’s rights in Tanzania.