Founded over 12 years ago by Dr. Terence Chatmon, Victorious Family is a Christian Family Discipleship training and resource ministry dedicated to addressing the need for families to fulfill the Great Commission of making disciples in the home. Driven by the understanding that the family unit is an essential component of a healthy society, the ministry seeks to empower parents and children to grow in their faith, cultivate strong relationships, and live lives centered on Christ.

The Vision of Victorious Family

The vision of Victorious Family is to see families across the globe transformed into thriving and faithful units, where each member is committed to living a Christ-centered life. This ministry envisions a world where Christian families actively participate in fulfilling the Great Commission and making a lasting impact on their communities and beyond.

Key Principles of Victorious Family

Victorious Family operates on a set of key principles that guide their approach to discipleship and family ministry. These principles include:

  1. Biblical Foundation: The ministry is firmly grounded in the teachings of the Bible and seeks to apply these principles to the everyday lives of families.
  2. Holistic Approach: Victorious Family addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of families, recognizing that each aspect is crucial to the overall health and growth of the family unit.
  3. Intentional Parenting: The ministry encourages parents to be deliberate and purposeful in their parenting, nurturing their children’s faith and character.
  4. Life-Long Learning: Victorious Family promotes the importance of continuous growth and learning for both parents and children in their spiritual journey.
  5. Community Connection: The ministry emphasizes the importance of connecting with other like-minded families and being part of a supportive Christian community.

Training and Resources

To help families achieve their spiritual goals, Victorious Family offers a wide range of resources, including books, online courses, webinars, and podcasts. These resources are designed to address various topics such as marriage, parenting, spiritual growth, and family dynamics. In addition to these resources, the ministry also conducts regular training events and workshops to equip parents with practical skills and knowledge needed to raise godly children.

Testimonies and Success Stories

Over the years, Victorious Family has impacted countless families, leading to numerous testimonies and success stories. These stories demonstrate the transformative power of the ministry’s programs, resources, and training, inspiring hope and confidence in other families striving to live Christ-centered lives. Many families have shared how the ministry has helped them navigate challenging situations, strengthen their relationships, and grow in their faith.

Support and Partnership

Victorious Family relies on the support and partnership of individuals, churches, and organizations to further its mission. Through financial contributions, volunteer work, and collaborative partnerships, the ministry is able to reach more families and continue to make a lasting impact on the lives of parents and children worldwide.

In conclusion, Victorious Family is a ministry dedicated to equipping and empowering families to live Christ-centered lives and fulfill their God-given responsibility to make disciples in the home. With a holistic approach, practical resources, and a commitment to life-long learning, the ministry has helped countless families grow in their faith, create stronger relationships, and raise faithful children. Victorious Family continues to be a vital resource for families seeking guidance and support in their spiritual journey.

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