What is the approval criteria for submissions?

Story submissions must be stories that closely align with the selected category, and must not contain commercial content, be strictly advertisements, or contain factors that would deter from the viewers experience.

Is there a cost to submit a story?

We offer several options for you to submit and promote your stories. We do offer a free plan which includes submitting a story on our website, but doesn’t include individual promotional opportunities offered in our paid plans. You’ll see these options on our Plans page when you sign up for an account.

Who is your audience?

We are promoting the website to people likely to be inspired to take action in supporting causes that are making the world a better place. We are doing this through social media ads, organic posts on social media, search engines and by continually growing a list of subscribers that want to receive new stories regularly.

What is your current reach?

We recently launched the website and don’t have any concrete numbers as of yet, but will update this answer once we have a few months under our belt.

What format would you recommend using when submitting a story?

Each story will require a title and video. Optionally, you can add a description and website link. We highly recommend adding as much detail as you can so visitors can learn more about you to support your cause.