In an era dominated by digital interactions, Girl Scouts is at the forefront, championing real connections and boosting girls’ self-esteem. The Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, recognized as a leader, was chosen to present a new video for the national Girl Scouts mental health initiative.

Jennifer Bartkowski, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, highlights the urgency of this mission. “Empowering girls to navigate the challenges of the digital age is more crucial than ever. We’re dedicated to enriching our traditional programs with mental wellness education, ensuring each girl knows she belongs to a supportive community.”

Thanks to the collaboration between Medical City Healthcare, the HCA Healthcare Foundation, and Girl Scouts of the USA, the Mental Wellness Patch program is helping girls in grades 4-12 recognize and manage their emotions and mental health challenges. This partnership provides free access to the program for all local participants.

For further details, read the full press release here.

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