The video features Kelli, who shares her story of being trapped, trafficked, and finding hope. She explains that being homeless often leads to experiencing trafficking. Kelli has two children, and due to her difficult circumstances, they are currently with a guardian through the DHS system. In 2019, Kelli lost her grandmother, who was an essential and spiritual leader in her life. This loss made things even more challenging for Kelli, who was already self-medicating and living paycheck to paycheck.

Things took a turn for the worse when Kelli’s federal taxes were taken out for student loans, leaving her with no savings. She had a no-contact order on the children’s father and was unable to stay where he was staying. Therefore, she became homeless and was unable to provide adequate housing for her children. Kelli had to change clothes in public, and this made her feel embarrassed and humiliated. She was glad that the skywalks were open because she could stay warm.

Kelli was afraid to fall asleep and wake up with nothing or not wake up at all, as she had experienced violent attacks on the street and had her belongings stolen. She was invited to stay in a hotel room a couple of times, which was difficult for her because she knew what was being proposed. But she went, as she needed company, and sometimes got to sleep in a nice hotel room. However, Kelli feels shame about those moments, and she thinks a lot of girls are afraid to admit such things.

Kelli had to flee a lot and leave her belongings behind at flophouses, where vagrant people and drug users go for refuge. She met good people who were willing to help her, but unfortunately, some were out to victimize women like her. She focused on getting a shower, meal, and keeping her belongings together, as people would try to steal her phone and credentials, leaving her as helpless as possible, unable to get work, and putting her in a prostitution situation.

Eventually, Kelli ended up living in her car, as she had nowhere else to go. She would pick up things like a blanket, a good heavy backpack, and vacuum-sealed food, and sometimes she would bond with people over a toothbrush. Living out of her car was difficult, especially with gas prices, and Kelli just tried to stay warm with layers and a heavy coat.

Kelli realized that she was being trafficked after she was out of the thralls of addiction. It was a slow progression, and it changed her opinion of people. Kelli struggled to regain her trust in humanity and felt that there was no help for that except faith. She knew that God was real and that he had helped her.

Kelli found help and hope when she met Pat, who provided her with dry socks, shoes, sleeping gear, food, bath and body care, and even helped her make her resume, giving her confidence to get back to work. She also went to Joppa and noticed that they had opened a thrift store. Kelli shopped there because they had helped her so much, and she talked to Jackie at the counter. This was a moment that they shared, and it felt like time stood still. Jackie listened to Kelli, and Kelli was amazed at the power and resources that God had made available to her.

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