At the age of 16, a woman faced an unplanned pregnancy and made the difficult decision to have an abortion. The experience left her feeling traumatized, ashamed, and alone. She turned to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with the pain and regret of her decision. Despite being a believer in God, she was unwilling to surrender this part of her story to Him because of the shame she felt.

Eventually, she realized that she was not alone in her pain and that many women struggle with the aftermath of abortion. She began to share her story and found that by doing so, she was able to connect with other women who had similar experiences. As a result of this connection and her own healing journey, she founded Not Forgotten Ministries.

Not Forgotten Ministries is a ministry that exists to help women find healing and redemption through pain and regret. They offer free weekend healing retreats, online studies, and one-on-one support for women who are struggling. They also offer books written by the founder, which share her own story of hope and healing.

The founder of Not Forgotten Ministries believes that hope is not just a wish or desire, but a guarantee. She knows from her own experience that hope can be found even in the darkest of places. She has seen how faith in God can provide the confidence to step out of hiding and find healing and redemption.

Despite her difficult journey, the founder of Not Forgotten Ministries was able to find love, marry the father of her child, and raise four beautiful children. She wants other women to know that there is hope for healing and redemption, no matter what their secrets may be. She encourages them to place their hope in God and trust in His promises.

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