The video is about how believing in a child can make all the difference in their life. It tells the story of Julia, who began believing in herself because her adoptive mother believed in her. The video starts with Julia, who is now a successful businesswoman, sharing how her adoptive mother made a huge difference in her life by believing in her. She says that her adoptive mother saw something in her that no one else did and believed that she could achieve anything she wanted in life. Her adoptive mother’s belief in her gave her the confidence to pursue her dreams and achieve success.

The video then shifts to Reuben Mays, a former NFL player, who shares his story of how his high school coach, Don Hudgens, believed in him and helped him achieve his dream of playing in the NFL. Reuben says that Don saw something in him and believed that he could make it to the NFL. Don helped Reuben get a scholarship to a college in the United States and supported him every step of the way. Reuben says that he would not be where he is today without Don believing in him.

The video ends with a message that believing in a child can make all the difference in their life. It encourages viewers to believe in the children in their lives and support them in pursuing their dreams. The video highlights the importance of having someone who believes in you and supports you, especially when you are young and trying to find your way in life.

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