Hemisfair Conservancy, a non-profit organization, has created a new augmented reality app to recognize and honor contributors who have aided in the redevelopment of the 1968 World’s Fair site in San Antonio. Designed to identify tree donors who have added beauty and shade, the app has an added feature that allows donors to submit a picture and tribute message to preserve the memory of their loved ones for future generations.

Creating a Lasting Legacy in Hemisfair

The Hemisfair Conservancy is responsible for maintaining and supporting the 60-acre Hemisfair site that comprises Yanaguana Garden, Tower Park, and Civic Park. As a non-profit organization, it relies on donations to finance its operations, and the new augmented reality app now allows tree program donors to create a permanent legacy in the park.

Honoring and Celebrating Loved Ones

The Hemisfair Conservancy spokesperson notes that planting trees is an excellent way to provide a gift that will grow and provide shade for generations to come, particularly for those who have lost a loved one. The tree program serves as a meaningful way to honor and remember someone special while adding to the beauty and ambiance of the site.

Encouraging Visitors to Explore Hemisfair

The augmented reality app encourages visitors to explore the Hemisfair site and its three parks while recognizing the contributions that have made the site what it is today. Donors can use the app to specify the type and height of the tree they donated, its location, and other relevant information. Through the app’s augmented reality feature, visitors can view the trees in their full foliage regardless of the season.

Creating Lasting Memories

By thanking and acknowledging those who contribute to the beautification of Hemisfair, the app creates lasting memories for those who have lost someone special. The Hemisfair Conservancy team hopes that the app will inspire more people to donate to the tree program and become part of the park’s rejuvenation. The augmented reality app does not only celebrate recent contributions but also serves as a reminder of the significant contributions and progress that has already been made in the park’s redevelopment.

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