The Pareja Foundation’s Breaking Bias Scholarship provides a unique opportunity for individuals who face structural hurdles in accessing high-paying jobs in the tech industry. The scholarship values at $7,500 and it enabled a single mother of two to attend Tech Circle School’s SDET course. The woman had been working with her elderly parents to manage their family-owned business, on the first floor of an office building, until the pandemic forced the business to shut down.

However, thanks to the Breaking Bias Scholarship, the woman graduated from the program after six months of learning several skills related to testing and automation. She was then able to obtain a remote position as a Software Developer Engineer in Test, earning an annual salary of $85,000. This opportunity allowed her to pick her kids up from school daily and work at a flexible schedule.

The Pareja Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to helping individuals who face underrepresentation in the tech industry succeed by providing them with the necessary resources and economic support. The foundation’s Breaking Bias Scholarship is a significant part of its mission.

The scholarship aims to provide underrepresented individuals with an opportunity to upskill and ultimately lead to better-paying jobs and increased financial stability. It covers the full cost of tuition for the SDET course and offers additional resources, such as mentorship and guidance on job placement.

The scholarship’s primary goal is to break the bias in hiring and reduce the wealth gap by placing more underrepresented individuals on equal ground with their peers. The scholarship provides a perfect solution for individuals who cannot afford to invest in their education but possess the potential and drive to succeed.

It is the foundation’s belief that investing in individuals’ futures will contribute significantly to the tech industry’s overall diversity and inclusivity. Their work helps break the pattern of underrepresentation in the industry and creates new opportunities for marginalized individuals to access meaningful work. By providing these resources, the foundation believes that it can positively impact the tech industry and the lives of the individuals who receive its aid.

In conclusion, the Pareja Foundation’s Breaking Bias Scholarship is a beacon of hope for individuals who face structural hurdles in accessing high-paying jobs in the tech industry. As the foundation’s work makes evident, the right aid and support can help anyone achieve their aspirations and break the cycle of poverty. It is essential to invest in the futures of individuals who have the drive and potential to succeed and break the bias in the industry. By providing resources and economic support, we can pave the way for a more diverse and inclusive future in the tech industry.