In this story, a young woman shares her experience with breast cancer and the impact it had on her dreams of having a family. She shares that she never imagined she could get breast cancer, but early in 2018, she heard an inner intuition voice that prompted her to get tested for the BRCA gene mutation, which ran in her family. When she received a positive result, she was shocked to learn just how high her risk of getting cancer was.

Another woman in the story shares that she was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer in December of 2013. She did not know what to expect, and her life was turned upside down by the diagnosis. A third woman shares that she woke up one morning with some neck pain, took some ibuprofen, and continued on with her day. Later on, she noticed her lymph node had swollen up and became concerned. She was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma within a week.

The first woman shares that her oncologist confirmed her diagnosis of cancer after performing a mammogram and an MRI that revealed another tumor in her other breast. She was completely in shock and overwhelmed by the news. The third woman shares that when she found out she had cancer, she had a lot of questions and concerns. She cried and screamed and struggled to understand what was happening to her. But eventually, she realized she had to move forward and figure out how to fight the disease and not dwell on the past.

The second woman shares that chemotherapy could make her infertile and she was devastated to learn that her dream of having children may not come true. Her mother suggested that she freeze her eggs before starting treatment so that she would still have a chance to have a family in the future. The first woman also shares that she was not aware that insurance companies do not consider harvesting eggs to be medically necessary and that the procedure was extremely expensive.

Eventually, the first woman found out about a grant that helped cover the cost of her egg freezing procedure. She was grateful for the financial assistance but also appreciated the support and love she received from others. She underwent the procedure while sedated and woke up in pain but was filled with hope and determination to fight the disease and become a mom one day. She now has 18 eggs stored in a freezer waiting for her to be ready to start a family.

The second woman eventually gave birth to a beautiful little girl who has brought joy and purpose to her life. She is committed to helping others who may not have the opportunity to have a child naturally and has vowed to give back to the foundation that helped her freeze her eggs.

The story ends with an invitation for others to donate or volunteer to help support the foundation’s mission.

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