The video features members of NAMC-Oregon, a nonprofit community-based organization that advocates for and supports design and construction-related businesses owned by People of Color. Their mission is to provide business development through education and training, and cultivate relationships with owners and prime contractors that will afford them greater opportunities to compete for work on construction projects in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

NAMC-Oregon Members are comprised of businesses owned by People of Color in the design and construction industries, as well as businesses whose work supports construction projects in some way. The organization’s core values include anti-racism, individual and organizational accountability, and economic justice for people of color.

Throughout the video, members share their experiences in the construction industry as people of color. One speaker highlights the importance of not giving up who we are when striving for success, as an exchange is often required. Another member speaks about the lack of diversity in the industry and how she embraces her individuality. A third member discusses how hard immigrants work for opportunities and the importance of having a supportive community.

The video also highlights how NAMC-Oregon serves as a safe space and supportive family for its members. They mentor and inspire other minority contractors and individuals who may face frustration and challenges in the industry. NAMC-Oregon is a vital organization for creating a better community for everyone and serves as a blueprint for other chapters growing and blossoming into similar organizations.

In summary, NAMC-Oregon’s mission to advocate and support design and construction-related businesses owned by People of Color is essential for promoting diversity and economic justice in the industry. The organization serves as a supportive family for its members and inspires other minority contractors and individuals to succeed.

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