The video features an interview with Dr. Jeff Jones and his wife Molly, who are preparing for the wedding of their oldest son while also discussing their youngest son, Pete’s suicide in December 2016 at the age of 23. Pete was a graduate student at the Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville and had unlimited potential.

Despite his academic success, he suffered from depression, and his family noticed his first cracks when he quit going to school, which was something he had always excelled in. Pete had been seeing a therapist, and his family believed he was on the right track. His suicide came as a devastating shock to them as he had never expressed any suicidal thoughts or intentions.

To channel their grief, the family created a foundation in Pete’s name, the Pete Jones Foundation for Depression Prevention, with the mission to equip every individual with the tools necessary to understand, express, and seek support for themselves and others in a world free from the social stigmas surrounding mental health. The foundation aims to proactively prevent suicides by raising awareness about mental health issues, offering training in suicide prevention strategies, and giving young people tools to express themselves.

The family also started a music festival called Peak Fest to celebrate all the things Pete loved, music, art, and laughter, while spreading awareness about mental health issues. The family’s message to other families dealing with similar situations is to love their loved ones, talk about them, and find a way to have a purpose about it. They acknowledge that it is okay that it is not okay and encourage others to seek help and support.

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