The Ntemparani village, located north of the beautiful Matthews Mountain Range in Northern Kenya, and with an estimated population of 600 residents, has been facing difficult times due to the worst drought in 40 years. The residents have been living off the land as pastoralists, relying on rain to provide water for their agriculture and wells for human consumption. However, the rains have been inconsistent, leading to a national disaster declaration by the government of Kenya due to the lack of water. This situation in Ntemparani shows how climate change affects small villages and communities, making it one of the frontlines of its impact.

Intervention by Splash Bash 2021 Donors

Despite the challenging situation, a glimmer of hope emerged for the Ntemparani community when generous donors and guests at Splash Bash 2021 made it possible for the residents to access water by funding the construction of a well. The timely and critical intervention was an essential part of the village’s recovery process. It provided respite and hope for the villagers who had been struggling without water. The well provides an essential source of water and support for the residents, with all the surrounding rivers having dried up.

Soka’s Story: The Impact of the Well

Soka is a resident of Ntemparani who relied on rivers and hand-dug wells to provide water for her family and livestock before the installation of the well. She expressed the community’s profound gratitude for the well, which now provides water close to her home. Since the construction of the well, Soka and her neighbors have access to clean water, which has significantly improved their daily living. From washing and cooking to addressing their livestock’s needs, the well is an essential source of survival for the community. Without the well’s intervention, it would be more challenging for the residents of Ntemparani to thrive, given the challenging climate and drought in the region.

Impact on the Montessori School

In addition to the benefits of the well on the residents’ daily lives, the opening of a Montessori school in the village has become possible. The well is providing a source of clean and safe water to the school, enabling pupils to attend classes with porridge in their bellies and water in their bottles. The impact on the Montessori school is significant since the young learners now learn in a safer and more hygienic environment.

Hope in the Face of Climate Change

The video showing the impact of the well on the village’s residents demonstrates the impact that donations and intervention can have on small communities. Despite the challenges posed by climate change, Ntemparani residents have reason to hope due to the intervention of the donors and guests who made the well possible. This intervention shows how donors and guests can make a profound impact on communities, even in small and remote areas where water is a precious commodity.


The situation in Ntemparani village was bleak before Splash Bash 2021 donors and guests’ intervention. However, the installation of the well has brought hope to the community of pastoralists. The villagers, like Soka, are thankful for the intervention and express their sincere appreciation to the donors who made it possible for them. The construction of the well is a testament to how the power of donations can positively impact communities, especially in times of crisis. The well is a useful source of water for both residents and pupils attending the Montessori school, making it a worthwhile investment. While climate change is a growing issue impacting small villages and communities, it is vital to know how to protect and support those who are affected by it, especially in countries like Kenya, where the impact of climate change is severe.

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