Ephraim Lober is a strikingly unique boy, presenting a rare combination of three different genetic disorders. His life is beset with numerous difficulties – he has been hospitalized frequently, undergone multiple surgeries, and is under constant medication. Nevertheless, Ephraim remains a vibrant child and enjoys a life fueled with incredible zeal and spirit.

Ephraim has autism, and this condition only makes his already imposing challenges that much harder. However, he found a new haven amidst the challenges – the horses. These beautiful creatures provided Ephraim with much-needed solace in his struggles. Through his interactions with the horses, he has been able to acquire skills such as strength, endurance, social skills, and self-confidence. Indeed, according to him, he is good with horses, and they are part of his strength.

The video of Ephraim’s life story is a brief narrative of how the horse-human connection has drastically transformed his life. Produced through Saddle Up!, an equine-assisted therapy program based in Franklin, Tennessee, the video tells how Ephraim’s journey has been defined by resilience and determination, mixed with the deeply entrenched bond he shares with horses.

In the video, Ephraim’s parents feature in an interview, detailing the challenges he has had to overcome, along with the vital role that Saddle Up! has played in his life. Despite numerous hospital visits ordeals, Ephraim has demonstrated a resolute spirit, which inspires his parents to confront life’s obstacles. They express how proud they are of his resilience and how much he loves life despite everything.

Through his participation in Saddle Up!, Ephraim has been able to develop gross and fine motor skills, improve his sensory processing, and gain invaluable insights into his own self. Although progress remains a work in progress, Ephraim’s parents note that the program’s support has been instrumental in his developmental journey.

Using equine-assisted therapy, Saddle Up! fosters vital relationships between horses and people with disabilities, trauma survivors, and victims of loss. The program has helped thousands of people to date, leveraging the unique bond that the animals and humans share. The Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT) program is designed to help persons with a wide range of challenges, including physical, cognitive, and emotional disabilities. Veterans with mental health issues, youth suffering homelessness, and other vulnerable members of society also benefit from the program.

Ephraim’s story highlights how equine-assisted therapy can benefit and help children with autism grow and thrive. The program at Saddle Up! is a perfect example of how people, irrespective of their age or abilities, can benefit from equine connection. Ephraim has found comfort, relaxation, and motivation through this program. The horses have become his friends, accepting and trusting him wholeheartedly. Saddle Up! has given Ephraim a new community, people who recognize him for who he is and admire his strength, resilience, and unique qualities.