The video showcases the story and impact of Morgan’s Wonderland, the world’s first and only theme park designed for individuals with special needs and built for everyone’s enjoyment. The park spans 25 acres in Northeast San Antonio, Texas, and has 25 wheelchair-accessible attractions. The park was built in a one-time limestone quarry and has welcomed over 2.3 million guests from all 50 states and 121 other countries. Admission for those with special needs is free, and admission fees for accompanying family members, friends, caregivers, and the general public are nominal.

The park was founded by San Antonio philanthropists Gordon and Maggie Hartman, who credit their daughter Morgan, who’s dealt with cognitive and physical special needs since birth, as the inspiration for their passion and generosity. The park has led to the construction of other Ultra-Accessible™, fully-inclusive facilities, including Morgan’s Inspiration Island, Morgan’s Wonderland Sports, Morgan’s Wonderland Camp, and The Multi-Assistance Center at Morgan’s Wonderland. The goal of Morgan’s Inclusion Initiative is to empower, include, educate and innovate, and all entities are 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity organizations that rely on continued support from individual, corporate, and foundation donations.

The video highlights the importance of inclusivity and creating an atmosphere where everyone can play together and gain a better understanding of each other. Morgan’s Wonderland has created a culture of kindness, and guests with special needs are always admitted free of charge. Morgan’s Inspiration Island is a three-acre Splash Park designed to bring people of all abilities together, and it has five tropical-themed splash pads, a riverboat adventure ride, and a wheelchair valet system.

Morgan’s Wonderland Sports is a three-acre ultra-accessible sports complex offering 28 quarter field accommodations, two softball fields, four tennis courts, 18 pickleball courts, a soccer field, and a basketball court. Morgan’s Wonderland Camp is a 102-acre recreational oasis that provides an ultra-accessible camping experience, and the Multi-Assistance Center at Morgan’s Wonderland is a revolutionary concept created to address the many issues individuals with disabilities face every day.

By creating a comprehensive and coordinated care model, the Multi-Assistance Center at Morgan’s Wonderland aims to help individuals with disabilities reach their full potential and ease the burden put on caregivers. Morgan’s Wonderland and its associated facilities showcase that it’s possible for people of all abilities to enjoy life side by side and inspire other communities to follow suit.

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