The first time Nermine Rubin arrived in Africa, she was hesitant to visit due to her past experiences with poverty in her home country of Egypt. However, when her daughter expressed a desire to visit, she decided to give it a chance. It was during her trip to Tanzania in 2017 that she witnessed the devastating effects of the drought, as women were forced to walk for hours to collect dirty water, which they drank without filtering it. This heartbreaking experience inspired her to start Water for Mercy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing sustainable solutions for water and food security in impoverished communities.

Her philosophy is centered around the idea of providing a hand up, rather than a handout. She understands the importance of teaching individuals to be self-sufficient, but acknowledges that this cannot be accomplished without first providing the basic necessities of water and food. Water for Mercy collaborates with other like-minded organizations, such as Innovation Africa for water and Cultivate for food, to create a comprehensive approach to combat poverty.

Through her organization, she has witnessed the transformative power of providing access to clean water and nutritious food. She has seen communities go from surviving on a subsistence level to thriving and creating a sustainable future. The Water for Mercy team also works with the Don Bosco Institute to provide education and training, which allows individuals to become professionals and contribute to their community’s growth and development.

Water for Mercy aims to establish more Aztec Agricultural innovation technology centers throughout Africa, which would allow for self-sustainability within the continent. While they have made progress towards their goals, they recognize that they cannot do it alone. They rely on the support of partners, donors, and foundations to make their vision a reality.

Her passion for creating a world where everyone has access to clean water, nutritious food, and a sense of hope is evident in her work with Water for Mercy. Through her efforts, she is helping to change the cycles of poverty into bountiful cycles of success.

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