All Things Possible Medical Fundraising is a non-profit organization that is focused on making a difference in the lives of families who have members with disabilities but who cannot afford basic amenities. The organization, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, raises money to gift wheelchair accessible vans to such families who are unable to afford these essential vehicles. A wheelchair accessible van can cost up to $38,000+ and is often not covered by insurance, making it a tough financial burden for low-income families who already struggle to make ends meet.

The lack of accessibility to transportation has grave implications on the health and well-being of disabled members of such families as they are unable to commute to appointments, visit family members or engage in recreational activities. This often results in depression and feelings of isolation, which in turn take a devastating toll on their mental and physical health.

All Things Possible aims to gift 10 life-changing vans every year to families in need, enabling them to live independently and take charge of their lives. The main drive behind the organization is to empower those with disabilities to experience the freedom of transportation, travel and the outside world. The van gifts offer a new lease on life to those who would otherwise be housebound and unable to undertake essential trips to therapy appointments and to visit friends and family.

It is no surprise that dozens of families are on the waiting list, eagerly anticipating the gift that will change their lives. The impact of this gift goes beyond the recipient of the van as the entire family feels the positive effect. Since its inception, All Things Possible Medical Fundraising has blessed several families who have shared how the gift has transformed their lives. For instance, a mother whose child has cerebral palsy was ecstatic to receive the gift and noted how it changed her life and empowered her to take her child to the beach, family functions, and the park.

To achieve its goal, the organization aims to raise $380,000 every year, enabling them to gift 10 vans to deserving families. With no other organization in the entire United States striving with a similar objective, the organization has made it its mission to ensure that those with disabilities can live without restrictions and independently like anybody else. The desire to live freely and independently is fundamental to human existence, and those with disabilities deserve it as much as anyone else.

All Things Possible Medical Fundraising is making this vision a reality and helping to create a world that is fair and equitable to all. Through the support of individuals and organizations, the organization continues to make a difference in the lives of families with disabled members by offering the gift of mobility, independence, and freedom. If you wish to support this cause or know someone who would benefit from the gift of a wheelchair-accessible van, please visit their website at