San Diego-based nonprofit, Savvy Giving by Design (SGBD), has been working to create healing spaces for children and their families going through medical crises since late 2014. In a video, SGBD’s founder and staff share their mission, accomplishments, and upcoming projects.

Creating Comforting Spaces for Children and Their Families

SGBD’s mission is to create healing spaces for children and their families who are experiencing medical crises. The organization works with local communities to design and complete custom-made healing spaces for children and their siblings, optimizing both physical and emotional comfort by eliminating adverse stimuli and environmental stressors.

Each room is custom-designed by a professional interior designer, with the goal of creating physical spaces that promote safety, well-being, healing, and empowerment. SGBD recognizes that everyone in a family suffers at some level from the trauma of a medical diagnosis, so they are committed to renovating the bedroom spaces of siblings as well.

Benefits of Healing Spaces for Children

Studies have shown that access to a comforting space contributes to up to 30% of the healing process. In the video, parents of children who have received room makeovers from SGBD report that their children enjoy feeling a sense of control and comfort in their new environment, and friends and family stay longer.

Spring it Forward Initiative

The video introduces SGBD’s current initiative, Spring it Forward, which aims to collaborate with six local design firms to reimagine spaces for three young girls who are all suffering from some form of childhood cancer, plus the spaces for all six of their collective siblings.

Call to Action for Savvy Givers

The video ends with a call to action for savvy givers to contribute to the organization nationally, either through cash donations or through contributing resources like sheets, pillows, lamps, and art supplies. The organization wants to train other designers to do what they do and to get them out there making over kids’ rooms that are in a medical crisis nationally.

SGBD’s mission is to make sure no child is left behind, and their dedication to creating healing spaces for children and their families is inspiring. With their focus on empowering and providing a sense of control and comfort, SGBD is making a real difference in the lives of children and their families who are experiencing medical crises.